Blink raised $20M in Streamlining Cloud Operations Management


The co-founders of Blink have worked in security and automation for a while, and they noticed that when it comes to managing cloud infrastructure, developer operations (DevOps) and security operations (SecOps) have a lot in common.     

The creators initially thought this was solely a DevOps issue, but as they conducted research with prospective clients for their budding startup, security management kept popping up, and they recognized this was two aspects of the same issue.

With Blink’s approach, you can create playbooks without writing any code to automate various tasks, such as deploying an Amazon S3 bucket or responding to a security attack.

After the company’s launch the previous year, a significant portion of the year was spent developing and perfecting the product with design partners. In reality, they made significant changes from the initial plan. After hearing input from prospective clients, they changed their strategy and used no-code to solve the issue. Although the product is not yet in GA, he anticipates that it will be in the second half of the year.

About 30 people work for the company; some are located in the Bay Area of the United States, others are in Israel, and others are dispersed throughout the world, including a few Ukrainians who, according to him, are currently safe in Poland. By the end of the year, the firm intends to have double as many employees, and the founder says he wants to create a diverse team by not always seeking a specific skill set but rather a willingness to learn.

Today, the company disclosed a $26 million fundraising round. This translates to a $20 million Series A and the remaining amount being a previous seed and pre-seed funding. Entrée Capital, Hetz Ventures, and a large number of individual investors from the tech sector all contributed to the fundraising, which was organized by Lightspeed Venture Partners.